Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rules to be Prepared For an XML Document Storing Student Information

1.       Create an element called Institue which should be the root tag.
2.       Create an element called student under institute tag and the student tag must be available at least one time
3.       Create rollno, name, mobile no, address as the child tags to student tag.
4.       The roll no tag must be present exactly one time
5.       The name tag should be present exactly
6.       The mobile no tag can be available zero(0) or more times (symbol is *)
7.       The address tag must be present zero(0) or one time
8.       Create houseno, colony and city as child tags to address tag
9.       The house no, colony, and city must be present exactly one time.
10.   Create an attribute called course under student tag as enumerated list of values
11.   Create an attribute called type under student tag as optional attribute.
12.   Create an attribute called state under address tag whose value is fixed

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